Tea-and-Chocolate Pairings

Tea-and-Chocolate Pairings

We’re usually traditionalists when it comes to tea and biscuits. But you’ve probably sussed that we’re also a bunch of chocoholics from our growing hot chocolate and confectionery collections… So when our Tea Buyer Linda shared some of her favourite tea-and-chocolate pairings, a few tastings later we succumbed to the idea.

Chocolate and Tea pairing Matcha

Matcha + White Chocolate

Matcha’s rich umami character beautifully balances the buttery sweet qualities of white chocolate. Try mixing Matcha powder and our Luxury White hot chocolate together for a creamy concoction with a creative twist.

Other Teas to Try:

dragon well loose

Dragon well

gyokuro loose

gyokuro loose

Masala Chai + Milk Chocolate

Masala Chai’s warming spices and the smooth, sweet taste of milk chocolate are a match made in heaven. Milk chocolate contains both milk fat and milk solids, complementing the spicy kick of the Masala Chai and the light astringency of the black tea base. It’s worth experimenting with both a milky chai and without milk to see which you prefer.

Other Teas to Try:

darjeeling loose


napal shangri la loose

napal shangri la loose

chocolate and tea pairing masala
chocolate and tea pairing earl grey

Earl Grey + Dark Chocolate

The bright, zesty bergamot and slightly smoky, delicate black tea base pairs perfectly with the intensity of dark chocolate. The citrus notes in our Earl Grey refresh the palate and bring out the rich, fruity flavours of the cocoa.

Other Teas to Try:

orange blossom loose

Orange blossom loose

peppermint loose

Peppermint loose

Assam TGFOP1
+ Salted Caramel Chocolate

Add a dash of milk to our rich, thick and malty Assam TGFOP1; it works wonders with the smooth sweetness of the caramel, offset by a hint of salt.

Other Teas to Try:

1886 blend loose

1886 blend 

chelsea breakfast loose

Chelsea breakfast loose

chocolate and tea pairing assam

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