Luxury White Hot Chocolate – 350g



Brimming with buttery sweetness, this much-loved classic calls for a mountain of whipped cream and an avalanche of marshmallows.

• Hot chocolate base: White chocolate

• Hot chocolate format: Powder form, we recommend making it with hot milk (or your preferred milk alternative) rather than water for the ultimate smooth, creamy cup. Find out how to make the perfect hot chocolate here.

•Number of servings (using 3 heaped tsp/20g per mug for hot chocolate or 2 tbsp or 28g per mug for milkshake): 350g = 17 mugs of hot chocolate/12 mugs of milkshake

• Ideal for using with: Nova Double-Walled Mug, Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Mug and Mini Marshmallows

• Serving suggestion: Enjoy hot, as an ice-cold milkshake or use in baking

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