Earl Grey 25 Individually Wrapped Teabags 50g


Individually wrapped teabags featuring a smooth, versatile and invigorating black tea with a robust malty richness – particularly delicious served with a splash of milk to accompany a hearty “full English”.

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Renowned for its wonderful bergamot aroma, Earl Grey tea has become firmly ensconced as an afternoon tea classic. Our take on the quintessential British blend of fine Chinese and Ceylon black tea is perfectly balanced with flavors of citrusy bergamot – we’ve even added a scattering of blue cornflower petals for an elegant final flourish.

  • Number of servings (using 1tsp/ 2g per cup): 100g = 50 cups
  • Ideal for using with:  Glass Pao Infuser Mug, Pimlico Glass Teapot with Infuser and Infusers & Strainers
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odours.
  • SustainabilityTeabags are compostable, packets are made from natureflex and also compostable

Card is recyclable

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1% Cornflower Petals, Bergamot Flavouring, Black Tea, Orange Peel


1% Cornflower Petals

Bergamot Flavouring

Black Tea

Orange Peel

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