Loose Leaf Tea VS Teabags

format guide loose leaf

Why Loose Leaf Tea?

It tastes amazing. Whole leaves give you a more complex, fuller flavour.

It’s kind to the Earth. No plastic, no frills: just natural, biodegradable leaves.

It’s reusable. You can reinfuse most loose leaf teas several times – giving you more tea and less waste.

It’s often cheaper. Not only can you reuse your leaves, but we’ll give you 10% off when you refill your loose leaf caddy in store.

indivually wrapped teabags

Why Individually Wrapped Teabags?

They’re convenient. These fuss-free teabags are also perfect for packing when you travel.

They stay fresh. Each teabag is individually wrapped, keeping that fresh flavour sealed in for longer.

They make fantastic gifts. From Tea Discoveries to our Wonderland Tea Selection, there’s endless ideas to dazzle and delight.

traditional teabags

Why Traditional Teabags?

They’re convenient. Just the thing for a quick, simple, fuss-free cuppa

They’re great with milk. You’ll get a stronger brew faster, with a flavour that won’t be drowned out by adding milk.

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